MiniVLS 211/IA Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor

MiniVLS 211/IA Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor


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The MiniVLS 211/IA Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor has a high level of certification: Ex ia op is IIC T4 Ga (-20°C < Ta < +40°C)
Allows use in a wide range of hazardous environments in petrochemical, Gas and volatile materials processing industries, ideally suited for Condition Monitoring, Data collectors in balancing applications, these sensors give excellent performance with repeatable results, engineered for easy mounting with the optional Mounting Bracket and Mini Tripod Stand in hand held applications.
Condition Monitoring Application
Ideal for use as a trigger where phase & speed monitoring is required in vibration monitoring & balancing applications on rotating machinery.
Optical Ranges:
These laser models measure at up 2 metres from a reflective marker.
Optical System:

  • Light source: Red Laser Class II 635nm
  • Range: 100mm – 2000mm
  • Angle: ± 80° degree
  • Wavelength: 635nm
  • Power: output < 1mw

Key Features:

  • Operating frequency up to 99999rpm
  • Long optical range up to 2 metres
  • Wide angle of operation – up to 80 degree
  • On Target indicator standard
  • Protection rating IP67
  • Integral Connector
  • Stainless Steel housing
  • Internally fused to prevent overload

Warning: The pulse output must only be connected through approved equipment.
Scope of Supply:

  • Instruction Manual
  • MiniVLS 211/IA Intrinsically Safe Optical Speed Sensor
  • Reflective Tape


Power Input 5v @ 30ma typical
IP Rating IP67
Housing Types Plain housing plus Fixing slots
Material Stainless steel
Connections Integral Connector
Cables Several Options
Dimensions Laser - D 20mm x L 92mm
Operating Temperature -20° / +40°C
Input Parameters Output Parameters
Pin 1 w.r.t. Pin 3 Pin 4 w.r.t. Pin 3
Ui = 6V Uo = 6V
Ii = self-limiting Io = 12mA
Pi = self-limiting Po = 14mW
Ci = 3.2uF Co = zero
Li = zero Lo = zero


We provide a Certificate of Conformity to confirm that a product manufactured by Compact Instruments Ltd meets the specification set out and published for that particular product has passed our quality control.

Cert.6 Certificate of Conformity

Optional Accessories & Cables

Order Codes Optional Accessories
A2100/03 Mini Tripod Stand
A2100/39 Magnetic Base
MVLS-BR1 Bracket For The MiniVLS Plain Housing
MVLS-BR2 Bracket & Camera Bush Screw for MiniVLS Plain Housing
MVLS-BS1 Camera Bush Screw
RT5 5 Metre Roll of Reflective Tape
SIPP/1 Sensor Interface Power Pack 5V Units Only
SIPP/2 Signal Input Cable Tails 5V Units Only
SIPP/AC1 UK 230V AC Charger 5V Units Only
SIPP/AC2 European Charger 5V Units Only
Optional Cables
MVLS-1 Inline Connector
MVLS-2 2m Cable Moulded Connector & Free Terminated Ends
MVLS-2/001 2m Cable & 3.5mm Stereo Jack Plug
MVLS-2/002 2m Cable 5-pin 180 Degree DIN Connector
MVLS-2/003 2m Cable 5-pin 240 Degree Locking DIN Connector
MVLS-3 90 Degree Connector
MVLS-3/009 3m Cable 5-pin 180 Degree DIN Connector
MVLS-4 2m Cable Moulded 90 Degree Plug with Terminated Ends
MVLS-5/002 2m Cable with 7-pin Fischer Connector
MVLS-5/003 5m Cable with Moulded Connector
MVLS-5/004 10m Cable with Moulded Connector
MVLS-5/005 50cm Cable with 7-pin Fischer Connector
MVLS-5/006 15m Cable with Moulded Connector
MVLS-5/007 3m Cable with TA4F Connector
MVLS-5/008 5m Cable with Fischer 102 Connector
MVLS-5/009 5m Cable with 180 Degree DIN Connector
MVLS-5/010 5m Cable with 7-pin Fischer Connector
MVLS-5/012 10m Cable with 7-pin Fischer Connector
MVLS-5/014 7.5m Cable with Moulded Connector
MVLS-5/016 3m Cable with Lemo Connector
MVLS-5/017 10m Cable with DIN Connector
MVLS-5/018 15m Break Free Extension Cable
MVLS-5/019 16m Cable with Moulded Connector
MVLS-5/020 5m Cable with Lemo connector
MVLS-5/021 10m Cable with Amphenol Connector

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Instruction Manual