60HA Incremental Rotary Encoder

60HA Incremental Rotary Encoder

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The 60HA Incremental Rotary Encoder is designed to fit directly on to motor shafts, or any shaft where position, direction, or velocity information is needed. The advanced electronics provides superior performance and high noise immunity. The encoder features a simple clamp mount for easy mounting over a large range of shaft sizes, whilst the universal anti-rotation flex mount maintains housing stability. Alternatively, if body rotation is required, there is the option of rotatable mounting on a fixed radius instead.


  • 100° Degree Centigrade capability as standard
  • Opto-ASIC Technology
  • Any bore – up to 15mm bore (Metric) or (Imperial)

Protection IP65 (Higher on request)
User Shaft Runout (Max) Up to 10,000ppr = +/- 0.1mm (Radial)+/- 0.2mm (Axial)

Above 10,000ppr = +/- 0.05mm (Radial)+/- 0.01mm (Axial)
Operating Temperature -20 to +100 C
Storage Temperature -40 to +100 C
Maximum Speed 9000 RPM
Vibration 20g @ 10...2000Hz
Shock 60g @ 6ms
Humidity 90% RH (Non-condensing)
Supply Voltage 5 to 32vdc
Current Consumption (Max) 40mA - Without load
Load Current (Max) 30mA
Cable Screened, oil and salt water proof
Impulse Frequency (Max) 1 to 10,000ppr = 600KHz, 10,000 to 65536ppr = 800KHz
Noise Immunity EN 61000-6-2, EN 61000-6-4
Shaft Loading Flexible Mounted (Supplied)
Torque @ 20 C 0.8Ncm (Start), 0.6Nm

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