HELIO-STROB Beta (Ex-Hire)


HELIO-STROB Beta (Ex-Hire)

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Please be advised the HELIO-STROB Beta is an Ex-Hire product and does contain surface scratches and the carrying case is slightly worn.
For the observation of rapid movements, either by eye or with a camera, the HELIO-STROB Beta provides various facilities, whether with constant brightness in the entire frequency range, with the new dimmer function or with automatic optimisation of the brightness for the selected frequency, whether with slow motion (optional) or variable shifting of the focus (phase shifting), the range of features opens new applications in the field of visualisation of movements and vibrations, every requirement is fulfilled, apart from the accurate internal controller, external or mains triggering are available.
Arbitrary changes between fine adjustment by 1/100 Hz and a frequency change in large steps, microprocessor technology provides all opportunities, a robust, easy to maintain metal twin shell case with support and a separate handheld lamp implement the highest degree of flexibility.

  • High and constant brightness
  • Internal and External triggering, mains triggering
  • Convenient operation
  • Main operation 115 / 230V AC
  • 60 – 24000 RPM
  • Automatic range switching
  • Automatic switching between coarse and fine adjustment
  • Adjustment memory function
  • Separate handheld lamp
  • Phase shifting
  • Clock output for synchronisation
  • Dimmer function
  • Designed for permanent operation
  • Serial interface (Option)

Scope of Supply:

  • Handheld lamp including flash tube
  • Power connecting cable
  • Carrying Case


Power Supply 115 / 230V AC, 50 – 60 Hz
Power Consumption Approximately 80 W
Case Twin shell metal case with handle / stand 280 x 240 x 80mm
Weight Approximately 2.3 kg (Control unit), Approximately 1.5 kg (Handheld lamp)
Light Source Quartz Flash tube plug-in, installed in separate handheld lamp
Internal Control of Flash Rate Twist knob and digital display
External Control of Flash Rate Oscillator, pos. impulse 5 to 30 V
Frequency Range in Hz / RPM 1 – 400 Hz / 60 – 24000 RPM
Measured Value Display 5-digit 7-segment display, display in Hz / RPM
Measuring Range Switching Automatic
Measuring Duration 0.33s (Mini. 1 period)
Resolution of The Display 0.01 Hz / 1 RPM
Phase Shifting Yes
Display in Degrees / MS Yes / Yes
Range Degrees / MS 0° - 540° / 0 - 65 ms
Resolution Degrees / MS 0.1° - 0.01° ms
External Triggering Yes
External Triggering Yes, trigger flank freely adjustable with switch
Light Output Range 1 0.4 Ws
Light Output Range 2 0.1 Ws
Light Output Range 3 -
Light Output Range 4 -
Light Intensity Maximum 650 Lux (At a distance of 50 cm)
Overall Power 50 W
Operating Temperature 0°, +40° C
Storage Temperature -20°, +85° C
Air Humidity 80% relative air humidity at 30° C

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