TIF 6500 Ultrasonic Vacuum Leak Detector


TIF 6500 Ultrasonic Vacuum Leak Detector

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Fast help for vacuum leak detection the TIF 6500 Ultrasonic Vacuum Leak Detector here! With the automatic sensitivity control, professional technicians can zero in on vacuum leaks by the push of a button. There are no knobs to adjust, just turn on the switch and search for vacuum leaks. The rate of the ‘beeping’ will tell you how close you are to the leak. The faster the beep, the closer you are to the leak. An occasional slow beep reassures the technician that the instrument is ‘listening’ for leaks. The TIF 6500 is designed for one-handed operation, there are no add-on attachments required. Nothing to get lost or misplaced. The TIF 6500 is the most technologically advanced approach to vacuum leak detection on the market.
Reset Switch calibrates the instrument to the ambient noise level in the engine compartment. This allows the TIF 6500 to ‘blank out’ engine, electrical noises and concentrate on the vacuum leak. Resets to the maximum gain in 1 second.
High Sensitivity: The smaller the leak, the better. No leak is too small for the TIF 6500.
Instant Response when the TIF 6500 begins to hear a leak, the audible alarm instantly responds, allowing the technician to ‘home in’ on the leak.
One-handed Operation with the TIF 6500 designed vacuum leak detector, you do not need an extra handheld sensing probe.
Low Battery Indicator lights up when the battery is low. This tells the technician when to replace the battery.
Flexible Probe: This allows the technician to get to those hard to reach areas around the engine.
Piezoelectric Alarm: High pitched alarm is easily heard in the noisy engine compartments.
Battery Powered: Self-contained allows portable testing. Battery life is up to 90 hours.
One-size Tip: The sensing tip is calibrated to the size needed to pinpoint leaks up to 4 feet away and still pinpoints leaks closeup. No need to have 3 different sized sensing tips.
Wide Variety of Uses: Detects vacuum leaks, window leaks (With optional transmitter), air conditioning pressure leaks and more.
Durable Plastic Case withstands the shock, dirt and grime associated with the automotive environment.
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  • Instruction Manual
  • Unit TIF 6500
  • Carry Case
  • 9V Battery


Power Supply 9V Battery
Battery Life 40 hours Carbon-zinc, 80 hours Alkaline
Sensitivity Automatic
Response Time Instantaneous
Reset Time 1/4 Seconds
Set Time 1 Seconds
Warm up Time Instantaneous
Weight 14.5 ounces with battery
Dimensions 8" x 3" x 1.8" (20.32cm x 7.62cm x 4.57cm)
Probe Lenght 12.5" (31.75cm)

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