Vibcheck Portable Vibration Meter

Vibcheck Portable Vibration Meter




The Vibcheck Portable Vibration Meter is a pocket sized vibration meter with handheld accelerometer probe, ideal for checking the condition of rotating plant, the Vibcheck not only displays vibration levels in velocity terms but also acceleration for special applications, there is also a very useful facility to check the functionality of accelerometers, by means of the bias voltage.

Portable vibration monitoring can play a key role in the condition monitoring of rotating plant, an offline regime consisting of regular vibration measurements offers a cost effective alternative to online monitoring and the opportunity to detect early onset of bearing failure, lubrication issues and unbalance.

The Vibcheck vibration meter is an essential tool for the monitoring of machine health, this low cost, entry level portable vibration monitor offers reliable measurements to ISO standards in combination with a range of smart features.

Scope of Supply

  • The meter (Batteries included)
  • Handheld accelerometer
  • Interconnection cable
  • Contact Spike
  • Carry Case
  • Instruction Manual, with tips on the use of vibration monitoring

Vibration Meter
Size 125mm x 80mm x 35mm
Weight 180 gms
Power Supply 1 x PP3 type 9V battery, reverse protected
Signal Input 100mV/g via BNC socket
Display Type LCD 3½ digit
Display Units Vibration: Velocity 0-50mm/s True RMS Acceleration 0-20g, Bias: Volts
Frequency Range 10Hz – 1kHz (velocity), 10Hz – 10kHz (acceleration)
Accuracy Vibration: ± 0.1mm/s (± 0.1g), Bias: 5%
Battery Life 30 hours, dependent on battery type, indicator on Display warns of low battery
Handheld Accelerometer
Size ø32mm x 80mm
Weight 172 gms
Type Piezo Electric
Sensitivity 100mV/g
Connection BNC socket
Mounting Thread ¼”UNF female
Interconnection Cable
Connectors BNC plug both ends
Cable Length 1.2 metres straight
Material Stainless Steel
Mounting Thread ¼”UNF male
Length 50mm
Weight 24 gms

PDF Files Available to Download