A2103/LSR/K Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer Kit


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The A2103/LSR/K Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer Kit is a very versatile multipurpose Tachometer with both Optical or Contact rpm, linear rate, distance ranges, a additional remote Laser Optical Sensor for rpm monitoring in difficult access applications, the unique inverting display, allows easy reading when in a limited access situation, an optical range of up to 2 metres, the optical performance is second to none, the time and Count modes, data capture and very fast response modes, 0.1 seconds update time, traceable certificates supplied as standard.

Signal Input features: 5v Pulse Signal is via the 3.5mm stereo Jack socket on the rear of housing which can be used with one of our remote optical sensors, alternatively it can be used to measure any pulse rate signal up to 5v pp.

Contact Measurement: Measurement units: Revolutions, Metres, Feet, Yards per Minute and per Second or length in 0/1 metres units Time interval or reciprocal speed for very slow rates in seconds/revolutions, Count mode: Counts distance or revolutions.

Maximum speed with Contact Adaptor: Governed by upper speed limit of bearings and is affected by measurement duration, typically 50,000 rpm for 10 Seconds. Maximum linear rate is typically 1,500 metres/minute or 4,500 feet/minute.

Special capture and Averaging features

  • Maximum: Captures maximum speed in 0.1 seconds
  • Minimum: Captures minimum speed in 0.1 seconds
  • Time-base: 0.1 seconds in Capture mode
  • Average: Averages over last 8 readings

Scope of Supply

  • Instruction Manual
  • A2103/LSR/K Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer
  • MiniVLS 311/001 Plain Housing and 3.5mm Jack Plug
  • Carrying Case
  • Reflective Tape
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • A2100/01 Advent Contact Adaptor

Custom Cables can be made to order: Please contact Sales for now information.


Display Inverting LCD Vertical 5 digit display
Display Functions 180° degree Inverting
On Target Indicator Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Function Icons Comprehensive selection of ranges shown in the display
Optical Range 50mm – 2000mm
Optical Angle ± 80° degree to reflective marker
Light Source Red Laser Class II 635nm


Measurement Modes rpm & rps optically (Also Count & Time)
rpm & rps, metres, yards, feet, per minute & per second via contact adaptor
Count total revolutions, metres, feet, yards
Measure Time interval in seconds between pulses (Reciprocal rate)
Speed Capture feature, Maximum, Minimum or Average rate
Speed Range – Optical 3 – 99,999 rpm (Or equivalent in rps)
Speed Range – Contact Maximum 50,000 rpm for 10 seconds (Or equivalent in rps)
Linear Speeds – Maximum 0.30 – 1500.0 metres or yards/minute. (4,500 feet/minute) Or equivalent in seconds
Revolution Range Features Fully Auto-ranging up to 0.001 digit or ± 1 digit fixed, User selectable
Accuracy Speed Modes Only 0.02% ± 1 digit
Count Mode Revolution ± 0.1 Metres (Or equivalent in all ranges)
Time Interval Mode 0 – 99,999 seconds Auto-ranging only (Maximum 0.01 revolution)
Time-base Standard 0.8 seconds or time between pulses
Time-base Fast Modes 0.1 seconds auto-selection in Maximum or Minimum capture mode
Memory Features Last reading held for 1 minute, Auto Switch Off
Program settings retained in memory after power down off
Power Requirements Batteries not included, 4 x AAA batteries required

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual