CT6/LSR/OP/SW Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer with Switch

CT6/LSR/OP/SW Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer with Switch


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This CT6/LSR/OP/SW Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer with Switch has the same general specification and features of our well established CT6 models, with enhanced optical performance but using a Laser light source to replace the visible light mini-lamp in our standard models, the laser light gives a greater operating distance of 2 metres from the reflective target used in the application.

Wide optical angle of Operation: Now angles of up to ± 80° degrees to the surface of the reflective target are practicable through use of a Laser beam.

Laser beam Visibility: The Laser beam produces a small red spot of intense light which can be readily seen in virtually any ambient light condition.

Maximum speed with Contact Adaptor: Governed by upper speed limit of bearings and is affected by measurement duration, typically 50,000 rpm for 10 Seconds. Maximum linear rate is typically 1,500 metres/minute or 4,500 feet/minute.

Safety of Use: The Laser is classified CLASS II safe for portable use, the user must take care not to stare directly into the Laser Beam, this would have a similar dazzling effect as staring directly into a high power torch light or car headlight at close range.

This model has two main additions to the normal specification TTL 5v pulse output facility: For data-logging and triggering purposes in vibration and balancing applications. Additional on/off switch: To allow continuous measurement where required for data monitoring applications in hands free mode.

Scope of Supply

  • Manual
  • CT6/LSR/OP/SW Optical-Contact Laser Tachometer with Switch
  • Carrying Case
  • Reflective Tape
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • LSAB/2 Contact Adaptor

RPM Overall Range 3 – 99,999 rpm
Count Mode 0 – 99,999 revolutions
Time Accumulative 0.01 – 99,999 Seconds
Time Interval 0.01 – 99,999 Seconds
Accuracy 0.02% of reading ± 1 digit
On Target Indicator Yes
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Power Requirements Batteries not included, 4 x AA batteries are required
Contact Adaptor Attached
RPM 3 – 50,000 rpm
Metres/Minutes 0.30 – 1999.9
Feet/Minutes 0.30 – 4500.0
Length 0 – 999.9 metres (Resolutions 0.1 metres)
Total Revolutions 0 – 9999 revolutions