FL 500 Force Gauge


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The FL 500 Force Gauge is part of the Sauter Digital Force Gauge FL-S Series, a premium force measuring instrument with graphic assisted display.


  • Turnable display with backlight
  • Real time or Peak Hold Mode to observe transcients or capture peaks
  • Metal housing for durable usage in harsh environmental conditions
  • Can be mounted on all SAUTER test stands
  • Capacity display: A bar lights up to show how much of the measuring range is still available
  • Function to set limits, programming of Max./Min., in pull and push direction, with output of audible and optical signal. Ideal mode for efficient and accurate testing of standard part.
  • Internal memory for up to 500 measurements
  • Continuous analogue output: Linear voltage signal in relation to the load (0–2 V)
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Standard attachments: As shown (not for SAUTER FL 2K)
  • Selectable measuring units: N, kN, kgf, ozf, lbf

Model Measuring Range Read Out
FL 500 500 [Max] N 0,2 [d] N
Casing Material Metal lacquered
Dimensions Mounted (WxDxH) 175mm x 75mm x 30mm
Display Digit Height 8,500mm
Power Supply
Charging Time 8 Hours
Input Voltage 100 V – 240 V
Operating Time (Backlight off) 10 hours
Data Hold Function Yes
Function to Set Limits Yes
Peak Function Yes
Environmental conditions
Maximum Operating Temperature 35 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature 15 °C

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