Hansford HS-620 Series Portable Vibration Meter Kit


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The Hansford HS-620 Series Portable Vibration Meter Kit has been designed for use as both an entry level and also a comprehensive vibration monitoring instrument for maintenance engineers across all types of industry.

The kit consists of the compact vibration meter, a hand held probe, a magnetic mount for more permanent installations, a protective carrying case, an instruction manual and battery chargers for both mains and in-car use.

The meter is microprocessor based and by selection of the controls can be easily set up to monitor acceleration (g) levels, velocity (mm/sec), displacement (μm) and bearing condition (BG or BV). A display hold function is also included.

The unit, which conforms to ISO 2954 and ISO 10816-3 also has an automatic alarm check for bearing condition.

Operating from an internal re-chargeable Lithium battery, the meter offers 48 hours continuous operation. From flat, the unit can be recharged in 3 hours using either the mains or in-car charger supplied with the kit.

Because of its compact size, ease of use and battery operation, the HS-620 allows engineers to monitor vibration levels on important machinery anywhere around the factory.


  • Portable
  • Velocity & bearing condition
  • Conforms to ISO 10816-3
  • Re-chargeable battery
  • Mains or in-car charger
  • Sensor/cable fault indicator
  • Display hold function
  • Choice of metric or imperial measurements

Input 100 mV/g constant current accelerometer other inputs on request
Accelerometer Handheld, supplied with 0.8 M cable
Vibration Metric Acceleration … 0-50 g Peak
Velocity … 0-350 mm/s RMS
Displacement … 0-4000 μm pk-pk
Bearing Condition (BG) … 0-18 g RMS
Bearing Condition (BV) … 0-25 mm/s RMS
Vibration Imperial Acceleration … 0-50 g Peak
Velocity … 0-13.5 in/s RMS
Displacement … 0-4000 μm pk-pk
Bearing Condition (BG) … 0-18 g RMS
Bearing Condition (BV) … 0-1 in/s RMS
Accuracy ± 5%
Bearing Acceleration … 10 Hz to 12 kHz
Velocity … 10 Hz to 1 kHz
Displacement … 10 Hz to 1 kHz
Bearing Condition (BG & V) … 1 kHz to 12 kHz
Automatic Alarm Check for Bearing Condition
Display LCD
Hold Mode Displays alarm status against ISO 2954 & ISO 10816-3
Temperature Range (Meter) Operating -10 to 50°C, Storage -20 to 60°C
Temperature Range (Accelerometer) -20 to 90°C
Sealing IP64 Dust tight and splash resistant
EMC EN61326-1:2013
Power Lithium rechargeable battery 3.6 Volts, 1700 mA hours,
48 hours continuous operation, Auto switch-off after 3 minutes
Battery Charge 3 hrs from flat, supplied with meter, charger & car charger
Case Material Plastic
Dimensions 115 x 70 x 25mm
Weight Meter – 160g, Accelerometer (Including Cable) 200g
Magnetic Base 12kg pull strength
Spike 70mm

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual

Imperial Datasheet

Metric Datasheet