MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor USB Laser Tachometer

MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor USB Laser Tachometer


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The MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor USB Laser Tachometer is the first pocket laser tachometer developed to operate on the android smartphone (USB-OTG supported) with a data save function for a android smartphone and tablets.

Primarily designed for speed related applications, including high-speed monitoring and are widely used for research, development and test applications.


  • Pocket Sized Instrument: The size of USB-Tacho is a small and compact handheld Tachometer, at just 20mm x 65mm, see Specifications.
  • Data Save: All the measured data can be saved to a smartphone and tablet.
  • Sampling Time Option: From 0.1s to 5s sampling time can be chosen based on measurement requirement.
  • No Batteries are Required: The Sensor is powered by the smartphone and tablet, no batteries are required to operate the Sensor.
  • Multiple Units Option: Different measuring units can be chosen including rps, rpm, meter/minute etc.
  • Diameter Setting: The diameter can be adjusted depending on measured wheel for linear speed measurement without the need of a contact adapter.

Optional Accessories must be ordered separately for the MiniVLS Sensors

Download and Install the Android APP from Google Play Alternatively, to operate the MiniVLS 313 USB on a laptop or PC running Windows, the software can be found on the PDF Downloads & Software Tab.

Scope of Supply

  • Instruction Manual
  • MiniVLS 313 Speed Sensor USB Laser Tachometer
  • Reflective Tape
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • USB 3.1 Type C Male to USB 2.0 Type A Female Socket Adapter with OTG
  • OTG USB On The Go Host Adapter Cable USB A Female to Micro B Black
  • USB 2.0 to mini-B 5 pin Cable

Optical Laser Range 50mm – 2000mm
Light Source Red Laser Class II 635nm
Optical Angle ± 80° degree to reflective marker
Speed Measurement Range 3 – 99,999 rpm
Resolution 0.001 rpm
Operating Temperature 0° / +50°C
Baud Rate 115,200
Connector / Power Source Mini USB
Time-base 0.1s to 5s (Adjustable)
Cables Several options
Dimensions 20mm Wide x 65mm Height