MTN/VM220 High Performance Vibration Meter

MTN/VM220 High Performance Vibration Meter


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The MTN/VM220 High Performance Vibration Meter is a compact, rechargeable, portable handheld Vibration meter designed to conform to ISO10816-3 and operate with a constant current accelerometer providing accurate vibration measurements. Features comprise of the ability to store up to 100 time-stamped readings, including; RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor and bearing conditions all on an easy to read vibrant colour LCD display.


  • Rechargeable Lithium-ion battery with worldwide charger
  • Switchable low pass filter
  • User-selectable units
  • High visibility colour LCD display.
  • RMS, peak, peak-peak, crest factor readings in acceleration, velocity or displacement modes
  • Bearing condition modes (acceleration and velocity)
  • 100 memories can store vibration and time/date
  • Industrial rubber case
  • Adaptive amplifier for high accuracy
  • AC output
  • Audio output for listening to vibration directly
  • Supplied with MTN/2200 probe sensor, others available.

Measurement Ranges
Acceleration 20g
Velocity 200mm/s
Displacement 2000 μm
Crest factor
Bearing acceleration
Bearing velocity
Frequency Range
Low pass filters 1kHz, 5kHz, 10kHz
Band-pass filter 1-10kHz
Acceleration g, m/sec²
Velocity mm/sec, in/sec
Displacement μm, mils
Type TFT 16bit colour
Resolution 160 x 128
Viewing angle 100°
Viewable size 35 x 28mm
Size 100 slots storing vibration
Power USB mini-B
Headphones/AC signal 3.5mm stereo
Sensor 4 pin Lumberg
Charger 100-240V/5V 1A USB with 4 adaptors
Battery Li-ion 3.7V
Battery life >20 hours
Size(L x W x H) 130mm x 78mm x 28mm

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