Sauter Manual Test Stand TVP-L Series


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This Manual Test Stand of the TVP-L Series, provides quick and consistent testing and a High level of security with repeated measurements.


  • Provides maximum versatility and precise measuring results
  • Slide construction for distance measurement
  • Large base plate with various holes for fixture mountings
  • Digital length meter.
    • Measuring range: 0,01 mm
    • Zero setting possible
    • Pre-length can be set manually
  • Maximum carriage height above base plate: 318 mm
  • Max travel with one stroke: 78 mm

Model Measuring Range
TVP-L 500 [Max] N Construction
Casing Material Metal lacquered
Overall Dimensions Mounted (WxDxH) 150mm x 233mm x 420mm
Stroke Length> 7,800cm

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual