TB 2000-0.1F Thickness Gauge


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The TB 2000-0.1F Coating Thickness Gauge of the TB Series, your reliable work-tool for every day use. A light, easy to use, with a digital display and a precise gauge.


  • External sensor for difficult-to-access measurements
  • Base plate and calibration foils included
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Offset-Accuracy: This function allows you to adjust the instrument precisely on the locally measured range by a two-point calibration. This results in a superior accuracy of approximately 1 % of the measured value
  • SAUTER TB 2000-0.1F.: Specifically designed for the automobile industry
  • Selectable measuring units: µm, inch (mil)
  • Auto-Power-Off

Model Test Object Measuring Range Read Out
TB 2000-0.1F Non-magnetic Coatings on Iron, Steel 2000 [Max] µm 0,1 1 [d] µm
Cable Length 1m
Casing Material Plastic
Overall Dimensions Mounted (WxDxH) 161mm x 69mm x 32mm
ISO Calibration Certificate 961-110
Environmental Conditions
Maximum Operating Temperature 50 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature 0 °C

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Instruction Manual