TU 300-0.01US Thickness Gauge


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Introducing the TU 300-0.01US Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge of the TU-US Series, a premium ultrasonic wall thickness measurement gauge.


  • External sensor for difficult to access measurements
  • Base plate for adjustment included
  • Data interface RS-232
  • Delivered in a hard carrying case
  • Scan mode (10 measurements per second.) or single point measuring mode possible
  • Internal memory for up to 20 files (With up to 100 values per file)
  • Function to set limits, programming of Max./Min., in pull and push direction, with output of audible and optical signal. Ideal mode for efficient and accurate testing of standard parts
  • Selectable measuring units: mm, inch

Model Measuring Range Read Out Sensor Measuring Frequency
TU 230-0.01US 300 [Max] mm 0,01 [d] mm 14 ø mm 2,5 MHz
Cable Length 90cm
Casing Material Cast aluminium alloys
Overall Dimensions Mounted (WxDxH) 132mm x 76mm x 32mm
ISO Calibration Certificate 961-113
Power Supply
Operating Time 100 Hours
Environmental Conditions
Maximum Operating Temperature 60 °C
Minimum Ambient Temperature -20 °C

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Instruction Manual