VLS/DA1 Optical Speed Sensor Minilamp (+7.5vdc 160mA) 6v Output



The new VLS/DA Series Optical Speed Sensors Analogue Output with integral Digital / Analogue converter, is designed for data logging applications and where general speed monitoring of machines is required, it is particularly useful for monitoring and recording speed data, the high speed update time of this unit makes the Speed Sensors ideal for monitoring rapid variations in speed. Special Configurations: Are available to suit clients requirements, we specialise in providing OEM versions customised to clients specific needs, Contact Us for more information.


  • Rapid response to speed change – output is updated once per resolution
  • Linear voltage vs speed output
  • Wide angle of incidence ± 40° degree
  • On Target indicator standard
  • Contact Adaptor available
  • Easy installation
  • Rugged Glass filled nylon housing
  • Mounting brackets available

Optional Accessories must be ordered separately for the VLS Sensors: A range of mounting brackets are available for use with these sensors, clamps, short focus lens for high speed, small shafts.

Scope of Supply

  • Instruction Manual
  • VLS/DA1 Optical Speed Sensor Minilamp (+7.5vdc 160mA) 6v Output
  • Reflective Tape

Black Wire Output 0v
White Wire Output 0-6vdc
Green Wire 0v Supply
Red Wire >+ 7.5vdc
Blue Wire Connected to 0v Supply = Range 1 (0 – 6000), Not Connected = Range 2 (0 – 60,000)
Technical Specifications
Optical Range 20mm – 1000mm Laser
Optical Angle ± 40° degree to Reflective Marker
Light Sources Minilamp
Power Requirements +7.5vdc 160mA
Analogue Output 0-6v for 0 to 6000 rpm (Range 1), 0 – 60,000 (Range 2)
Update Rate Once per Pulse
Speed Ranges 0 – 60,000 rpm
Accuracy < 0.75%
Resolution ± 1.5 rpm (Range 1), ± 15 rpm (Range 2)
On Target Indicator Standard Green LED
Operating Temperature -10° / +70°C
Connections 3m, 5 Core Cable
Dimensions Length 13 cm x Diameter 3.4cm

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual