DS4820001 MultiRanger Tachometer RS-232 Serial Output (15v DC)



The DS MultiRanger Series 5 Digit Panel Tachometers function as a Ratemeter, Counter, Timer, designed primarily for pulse related parameter measurement, such as speed monitoring, this versatile indicator includes additional features of 8 digit Count, Timer.

This series of Digital instruments are ideal for displaying both pulse related measurements and analogue DC voltage related parameters between 0-10vdc. The instruments incorporate a highly flexible user accessible scaling system which provides the user with the facility to calibrate the Multiranger to read almost any related engineering parameter.

Pulse Output feature: Standard on all models in addition the instrument is available with a variety of factory fitted modules.

DS4820001 Features:

RS-232 Serial Output: This unit provides a USB Serial output of the displayed value.

Scope of Supply

  • Instruction Manual
  • DS4820001 MultiRanger Tachometer RS-232 Serial Output (15v DC)
  • 15v 1.0A PSU
  • Certificate of Calibration
  • Label Instrument Parameter

Speed Range 3 to 99,999 rpm
Revolution Maximum 0.001
Accuracy 0.02% of reading +/- 1 digit
Timebase 0.8 second (0.1 second output modules)
Count Mode up to 8 digit (Autorange)
Time Interval Mode 0.00 – 99999 Seconds (Reciprocal rate)
Time Accumulative 0.00 – 99999 Seconds (Total time of all counts)
Scaling Between 0.001 – 99999 x or ÷
Signal Input Pulses from proximity (NPN/PNP) optical, magnetic sensors & Encoders
Input Frequency Maximum 12Khz
Power Supply 15v DC 1.0A
Enclosure Size 48 × 96 × 115mm (123mm Including Connectors) Panel cut out 42.5 × 91.5mm

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual

DS48 Tacho Monitor Software