SIPP/1 – Sensor Interface Power Pack 5V Units Only



This portable power pack is primarily designed for use with Compact VLS and MiniVLS (Laser versions) series 5v powered Optical Speed Sensors in free standing applications where short term Speed measurements are required.

The power unit has internal rechargeable batteries which provide nominal 5Vdc output for Sensors or any similar 5V operated device.

An external ac power adaptor is available to provide recharging and to power the unit directly from a 230VAC mains supply for prolonged device use. Charge rate from fast rate to trickle charge is automatically controlled and LED indication of charge mode is standard.

Ideal for use with portable Condition Monitoring equipment, such as Data Collectors, as a speed/phase input device essential for shaft balancing applications. Used by many specialist manufacturers of CM & predictive maintenance equipment.

Additional Information: General portable applications. The unit can also be used for any application where a small portable 5Vdc supply is required.

Mains Power adaptor: SIPP/ACI This unit is a 230Vac UK 13A type charger / power supply for use with SIPP/I Power pack, the SIPP/I can also be supplied with power from any suitable 9-12Vdc source as an alternative. European and USA versions are also available as optional items to order.

Signal Output: Pulse Output facility. Pulse output = 5v Open Collector Via BNC connector. Pulse input = From connected Optical Sensor.

Sensor Input facility: Sensor connector = DIN 5 pin 1800 socket (Provides 5Vdc power output).

Internal Power Source x4 AA size Rechargeable Ni-Cad Cells
Power Output 5vdc @ 200mA Maximum
Continuous Battery Use Typically 20 hours maximum for the MiniVLS sensors
External Power Input 9-12vdc @ 300mA (External Adaptor)
External Power Standard 2.1mm DC jack connector
Power On LED Indicator Indicates external power is connected
Fast On LED Indicator “Fast Mode” indication
Charge Circuit Automatic Fast / trickle charge mode, fast rate @ trickle rate
Enclosure Black ABS – heavy gauge
Dimensions 106mm x 66mm x 46mm