VLS5/D Speed Sensor 5-pin DIN (5vdc)



The VLS Series Optical Speed Sensors Pulse Output of Visible Light Optical Sensors is primarily designed for speed related use, Ideal for use with our range of Digital Tachometers, including handheld, panel mounted and bench style instruments, A range of mounting devices is available for hands free applications.

Mains and Battery Pack: A suitable mains adaptor/battery pack is available for use with all 5vdc VLS5/D versions.

Optical Ranges: Up to 1 metre for visible light with reflective tape.

High Speed Applications: A clip on pre-focussed LN1 Lens Adaptor is available which can allow operation without reflective tape in certain controlled conditions.

Power Options: The VLS Series Optical Speed Sensors are available in 5vdc and 7.5-40vdc powered options, normally provided by the associated instrument from our range.

Contact Adaptor: The contact adaptor converts the optical function into direct shaft contactor for both RPM and linear speed measurement, this bayonet fitting device operates via a Hall Effect magnetic sensor built into the Sensor housing which picks up from a magnet in the VLS sensor.

Accessories must be ordered separately for the VLS Sensors A range of mounting devices is available for use with these sensors, brackets, clamps, fixed focus lens for high speed and small shafts.

Cable lengths can be made to order: Please Contact Sales for more information and a quotation.

Scope of Supply

  • Instruction Manual
  • VLS5/D Speed Sensor 5-pin DIN (5vdc)
  • Reflective Tape
  • Certificate of Calibration
Application Bench Tachometer
Optical Range 50mm – 1000mm
Overall Speed 0-250,000 rpm (With lens range adaptor at high speed)
Optical Angle ± 45° degree to reflective marker
External Power Input 5vdc
Light Sources Minilamp
Power Requirements 5vdc
Operating Temperature -10° / +70°C
Connections 1.0m, 5-pin DIN Cable
Dimensions L 130mm x D 34mm
Output Pulse NPN

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual