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The light of the HELIO-STROB turbo (AC/DC) gets a new quality by extremely short flash impulses with constant brightness, even the smallest parts are displayed pin sharp, without any motion blur, thanks to the intuitive handling via the “smart“ encoders you easily get accurate results in the speed measurement, in the vibration analysis or in the observation of rapid movement sequences.

The flash frequency can either be controlled by the accurate internal trigger or by an external trigger, proximity switches and optical sensors can be connected directly to the signal input of the stroboscope, additional devices can be triggered synchronously by the TTL-output.


  • Pin sharp images
  • Short flash duration (4,3 μs / 60 Hz)
  • Mains and battery operation
  • Internal and external triggering
  • TTL-output
  • Handheld or tripod operation
  • Electronic shifting of the focus

Scope of Supply

  • HELIO-STROB turbo (AC/DC)
  • Combination set for mains or battery operation including mains adapter & battery

Power Consumption Approximately 32 W
Dimensions 195 x 80 x 56mm
Weight Approximately 0.6 kg
Light Source Flash tube, plug-in installation
Flash Duration 4.3 μs (60 Hz)
Frequency Range in Hz / min-1 1 – 800 Hz / 60 – 48000 min-1 (Optional)
Measured Value Display digital, 5-digit 7-segment display, display in Hz / min-1
Resolution of the Display 0.01 Hz / 1 min-1
Phase Shifting 0° – 540°
Light Output 0.13 Ws maximum
Light Intensity 600 Lux maximum (At a distance of 50 cm)
Total Power 21.2 W
Operating Temperature 0°, +40° C
Storage Temperature -20°, +60° C
Air Humidity Maximum 80 % relative air humidity at 30° C
Certification CE

PDF Files Available to Download

Instruction Manual


With effect from January 1st 2018 our Instruments will not include AAA and AA Batteries. Dismiss